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The company is Health Research Lab and the products were vitamins to help relieve the conditions of an enlarged prostrate. They guaranteed their product for sixty days.

i called them after 30 days with the intent of returning the product but Ryan in customer service encouraged me to continue taking it, so I followed his advice assuming it was a reputable company. The product continued not to work and I planned to call the company before the 60 days expired but was displaced due to Hurricane Sandy which hit the east coast. The refused to honor the guarantee because I missed the deadline by 3 days despite the unusual circumstances. Upon further discussion the manager told me that the sixty days starts from day of shipping although the literature says after taking the product for sixty days, You can't start taking it the day of shipment.

My advice to all is to avoid Health research Labs due to their lack of professionalism, flexibility, and unethical "fine print". Their mission seems to be to take your money not help you.

Monetary Loss: $204.

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Biotherapex is a scam

I called before the 60 days and the customer sevice rep

she said send it back and we will refund your money

No refund and wouldnt let me talk to a manager !!!!!!

So no now they have the product back and they can re sell and im out 400.00

These ppl are giving out poisen this stuff is not approved by food and drug in the US or canada !!!!

Oakville, Ontario, Canada #890584

They put me on auto shipment with out my consent and refused to refund the money


Same thing happened to me on the auto ship. Apparently a year ago when we ordered, it was auto ship.

When you call to send back, they are not interested in our health but how they can get more money even if you are not taking there product anymore.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #649857

I have not lost any money on Health Research Labs, nor will I, ever. Being a dedicated researcher and consumer of nutritional supplements, I am on many mailing lists.

As a result, I have, twice now received glossy, multi-page flyer extolling their Biotherapex liver enzyme rejuve product.

At least one of the endorsements, and one of the testimonials is of highly questionable validity.

A Dr. Abrodovich, gastroenerology, Minneapolis MN, is quoted as recc'ing the product. My broadest search could not turn up a Dr. Abrodovich practicing in that city, never mind in gastro. The other three pro's are the more usual, common names, in huge megalopoli: Kaplan, LA, Schwartz NY, Browning, Houston. Of course these are non-verifiable. Abrodovich might have been a tactical error!

The testimonial that caught my eye was patently obvious photo-shopped 'mirror flop' of the same image. The young lady, at waistband 42" as compared to waistband, say, about 34 is wearing the SAME BELT, AT THE SAME NOTCH, as referenced by the decorations on the belt!

Clearly these individuals are trolling for *** people. Don't be one of them, is my counsel.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #628357

What a nightmare! I agree with Ben ***!

I ordered supplements on a one-time basis that somehow got flipped into an auto-ship basis! While checking my bank statement, I noticed an unauthorized charge on my account. I called the number to investigate what this was about. The representative was rude from the start of the conversation and after explaining what I thought was the situation, he argued with me stating I should file a police report or something if I thought the card was used fraudulently.

I asked for a supervisor and he just took my name and number and never returned my call. Days later (they're not open weekends), I called again and got the same representative again (what are the odds in that in a call center?) to get "the supervisor" who was equally unhelpful stating that my money would not be refunded after 5 or 6 months on an auto-shipped product. My question was, is it 5 or 6 months... I still had 30 days to the 6 months...

Suddenly it was 5 months I should have called before now to cancel the auto-shipment I didn't even know I had. She stated it was stated on the packing list... NOT! Nowhere does it say anything about 5 or 6 months to cancel!

So, rather than satisfy me as a customer by allowing a return of product and refund of the money, "the supervisor" read me the entire catalog of male products that I could exchange it for... Oh, did I mention that I am a female and do not have a prostate! BUYER BEWARE! They must be some small distributor or something.

She wouldn't even give me a corporate number to call to lodge a complaint! So, now I'm stuck with male product and no refund... over $100! Very angry at this unprofessional company that doesn't know anything about customer service!


Newark, New Jersey, United States #608870

I called to make an order for Biotherapex. The phone contact person then offered me all kinds of other deals.

This turned me off as I realized I was dealing with a marketing system rather than a product system. I then canceled my order.

All the other offers were pigy backing on the product. What a scam.

Ben ***, Livingston NJ

to Ben *** Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #628359

I agree with you! What a crock! Check out my post from MrsKsmooth!

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